Kathleen Harrison, Plant Teacher

I have been reflecting on pivotal moments in my life. There is no doubt that reading the essay Green Medicine and Plant Spirit by Kathleen Harrison was one of them.

I first found this essay in a book published by the Bioneers called Ecological Medicine. You can download this book for free here.

Kat's organization is called Botanical Dimensions. I have done some work for BD over the years, including helping to create their Ethnobotany Library. If you happen to be up for an experience, make a pilgrimage to Northern California to take a class with Kat or visit the library. You will not regret it.

Anyway, I have been asked to make her essay available, so here it is. I hope you find it as inspiring and life-changing as I did.

Kat Harrison Green Medicine and Plant Sp
Download • 58KB

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