I hope that the gods come back

I don’t know what will happen after I die,

As the Earth keeps spinning around the sun,

With some battles fought, and some victories won,

But I hope all the gods come back.

The dog-headed gods, the bird-headed gods,

The gods of beauty, and those of flight,

The chained-up gods, and the vegetable gods,

Those of darkness, and those of light.

I hope there are imps and goblins and devils,

The great ancient goddesses, vulvas splayed wide,

The air come alive with the wingbeats of angels,

With arms held aloft, and snakes by their side.

The underground gods will swirl round the roots

Of tree gods who stand with their knowledge to share,

And sun gods who tend to the leaves and the fruits,

And giants who crouch, their great burdens to bear.

I hope for the dragons, the wraiths and the sprites,

The deep forest beings who light your way home,

The monsters and demons who make dark the night,

And the muses of poetry, and sweet garden gnomes.

I hope for a world that goes beyond form,

These vague skinny lines that divide you from me,

I hope for a world that remembers the realms

In which we can dance with a bear and a tree.

The gods aren’t for worship or making afright,

They’re not meant to daze with vainglorious eyes,

But rather remind us how great all of Life,

How like and how varied, how rich and how wise;

And to cause us to listen to each tiny breeze,

To each subtle whisper of wind in the trees,

And to wake us all up to the great world inside

The great world outside, in which we abide.

I don’t know what will happen on Earth when I die

But I hope all the gods come back.

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