When I was 12 years old I stumbled upon a book about the human brain. The first line said something like: “The human brain is so complex that it can’t even understand itself”.

The line reverberated all around me with great illumination, as if I’d just been shown an esse...


I'm happy to say I've learned considerably more about love since writing this three years ago. Learning is perhaps the most precious thing in life (after life itself, that is). Here's a love poem nonetheless:

A Love Poem, for Curtis...


I'm back in Vancouver now, where the crows come when I whistle and otherwise have lives of their own. I realise I didn't write an update about the toucan, and people have been asking, so.... in short I think she's still alive and she's out there in the wild somewhere....


The toucan has been with us for more than a month now and she still doesn’t have a name. At first we didn’t want to name her. Freddie, who was so in love with her, said after a moment, “No, better not to name her for now, in case she flies away.” Or is given to a shelt...


I am the grateful recipient of the first ever London-Wen Gaia Scholarship for women in Ethnobotany! Very grateful to Kathleen Harrison of Botanical Dimensions for putting my name forward and to Matthew London and Sylvia Wen for believing in my research. 


 Click "Read More" and scroll down to see how the signs look with their plants. Enjoy!


 A new sign outside the Food, Nutrition and Health building at UBC :)




This bleeding heart is writing the saddest lines of poetry - but still she is able to die and be reborn to flower twice a year. 



Lancelot Brown, better known as 'Capability Brown' (he won in the names category) was famous landscape architect in18th Century England. He described his garden designs in grammatical terms: "'Now there' said he, pointing his finger, 'I make a comma, and there' pointin...


"The Indians addressed life as a “thou,” I mean, trees and stones, everything else. You can address anything as a “thou”, and you can feel the change in your psychology as you do it. The ego that sees a “thou” is not the same ego that sees an “it.” Your whole psycholog...

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